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A Safe Place/ Islamophobia

"This is a double resource. The 'Safe Place' DVD is an updated version of the previous films. Footballers and young people from Somalia and Tanzania share their views on issues around asylum seekers and refugees. Captivating stimulus is provided for challenging negative stereotypes and misconceptions. The accompanying education pack contains 9 lesson ideas to support the 9 chapters of the film. The activities are designed to build empathy, examine fear-mongering in the media, and investigate why people are forced to flee, why they chose to come to the UK and the positive impact of diversity and multiculturalism on football and society. The 'Islamophobia' DVD tackles this growth area in racism and explores the reactions and consequences of the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks. Opportunities are provided for pupils to dispel the myths around life as a Muslim while investigating persecution and propaganda. Teachers could use this resource as a stimulus for action in school and the wider community to combat Islamophobia. Local to Global connections can be made using the extension activities in the accompanying Education Pack. These explore the varied contributions Muslims have made to British heritage and our daily lives. Would be extremely powerful if used through teaching about the Islamic faith within the RE curriculum."