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There are 5 resource(s) with 'co-operation' theme .

Best New Games

Human Kenetics (2001)

This is a resource for anyone involved with groups, at any level and in any setting. The games create opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to have fun together and develop skills… [more]


Best of Cooperative Games DVD

New Games (2006)

This fun and highly useful DVD presents 26 group interactive games – for all ages – that are low cost or use minimal or no equipment. The games are first and foremost fun, but they also teach… [more]


The New Parachute Games DVD

New Games (2005)

Parachute games are a fantastic way for children to learn about co-operation, self control, team work and a host of physical and social skills – whilst having enormous amounts of fun. The DVD… [more]


Equality in Action - A Way Forward with Persona Dolls

Trentham Books (2008)

This is an academic text which introduces the concept of Persona Dolls. It gives examples of their use in the classroom and sets out what they aim to chieve and how that fits with the curriculum.… [more]


Show Racism the Red Card - Scotland - Primary and Secondary version

Show Racism the Red Card

Scottish version of the anti-racism teaching pack below, familiariasing students with racism and it's causes and consequences, giving skills to challenge racism and help young people play an active… [more]