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There are 9 resource(s) with 'stereotypes' theme .


Reading International Solidarity Centre (2007)

This unique cross-curricular resource uses the Ghanaian printing tradition of Adinkra to teach primary/early years art & design, design & technology and global citizenship. A step-by-step guide… [more]


Dolls defying discrimination - A handbook on using Persona Dolls


This handbook gives ideas on how to introduce an element of diversity into Early Years education. Use it to promote equality, dismantle negative attitudes and increase the emotional literacy of… [more]


Luis and Richard Live in Peru - Big Book

Christian Aid (2007)

This beautifully photographed big book introduces children to the home, family, school, faith and holidays of two boys in a Peruvian desert town. It encourages primary children to see the similarities… [more]


Something Else

Puffin Books (1995)

Something Else tries to be like the others. But everything he does shows how different he is. Then Something turns up and wants to be friends. But Something Else isn't sure he's at all like him.… [more]


Two Lives - Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole

Bogle Press (1993)

The achievements of two Victorian heroines are brought to life by contrasting their backgrounds and contributions to society. Both women in their burning desire to be of service, overcame restrictions… [more]


Young Diaspora Longing and Belonging

World Education Development Group (2008)

Built around the stories of young people living in Britain who have roots in other parts of the world, Young Diasporas also includes a series of suggested activities for use alongside their stories.… [more]


Family Album

TIDE and Parentline Plus (2002)

A set of 32 colour photographs featuring a variety of families within the UK, selected to stimulate discussion about family life and associated issues. An accompanying booklet offers a range of… [more]


Our Food Our World (Offer Price through Stride £12.50 until January 2013)

Oxfam (2001)

Our Food, Our World features a huge range of activities to explore food, healthy eating, transport and trade issues, all told through the lives of five engaging children and their true stories.… [more]


A Safe Place/ Islamophobia


"This is a double resource. The 'Safe Place' DVD is an updated version of the previous films. Footballers and young people from Somalia and Tanzania share their views on issues around asylum… [more]