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There are 4 resource(s) with 'prejudice' theme .

Another Spanner in the Works

Trentham Books (2005)

A variety of strategies to challenge prejudice and racism in mainly white schools are evaluated and explained in this timely handbook for teachers, the follow up to the ground breaking Spanner… [more]


Something Else

Puffin Books (1995)

Something Else tries to be like the others. But everything he does shows how different he is. Then Something turns up and wants to be friends. But Something Else isn't sure he's at all like him.… [more]


Striking a Balance - Asylum Seekers and Refugees - A Balanced Argument?

Westminster City Council (2005)

Highlighting the important issue of the refugee experience, this book/CD-ROM package offers a real life context for ten hours of lessons to improve pupils' writing skills. It provides clear literacy… [more]


Our Food Our World (Offer Price through Stride £12.50 until January 2013)

Oxfam (2001)

Our Food, Our World features a huge range of activities to explore food, healthy eating, transport and trade issues, all told through the lives of five engaging children and their true stories.… [more]