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There are 4 resource(s) with 'asylum seekers' theme .

Another Spanner in the Works

Trentham Books (2005)

A variety of strategies to challenge prejudice and racism in mainly white schools are evaluated and explained in this timely handbook for teachers, the follow up to the ground breaking Spanner… [more]


Striking a Balance - Asylum Seekers and Refugees - A Balanced Argument?

Westminster City Council (2005)

Highlighting the important issue of the refugee experience, this book/CD-ROM package offers a real life context for ten hours of lessons to improve pupils' writing skills. It provides clear literacy… [more]


Village Stories

The Village Storytelling Centre (2005)

The result of a creative writing and storymaking class which involved refugees, asylum seekers and local people. [more]


A Safe Place/ Islamophobia


"This is a double resource. The 'Safe Place' DVD is an updated version of the previous films. Footballers and young people from Somalia and Tanzania share their views on issues around asylum… [more]