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There are 3 resource(s) with 'peace' theme .

How Do We Make Peace?: Discussing Global Issues


Contains 10 activities based on the theme of peace and conflict designed to develop speaking and listening skills. Based on recent case study material from Cambodia, Tanzania, Burundi and Northern… [more]


Making Sense of World Conflicts

Oxfam (2005)

As you read this there are at least 30 armed conflicts going on around the world. In today's wars, most of the casualties are civilians, and almost half of those are children. This resource explores… [more]


Global Citizenship: A Handbook for Teachers (Pack on offer £15 instead of £25 until June 2012)

Oxfam (2002)

Explains Global Citizenship and develops its principles into clear, practical pointers for use in school. By discussing the issues, ideas and approaches in this handbook, you should be able to: Explore… [more]