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There are 7 resource(s) with 'brazil' theme .

The Chocolate Game (Fair Trade Edition)

Leeds DEC (1999)

A simulation game where participants role play nine families involved in different aspects of the cocoa industry in the UK, Brazil, Ghana and Belize. Players discover for themselves the influence… [more]


Cassio's Day - From Dawn to Dusk in a Brazilian City


One in a series of books based around wonderful photographs that concentrate on the daily lives and experiences of children from a variety of countries. Each book focus on a particular child's… [more]


What is Participation?: Discussing Global Issues Series


Much has been said about how Citizenship Education should increase young people's participation in school and the community. This booklet is designed to help clarify what 'participating' actually… [more]


Your World, My World

Oxfam (2001)

This new photo-pack is based on the popular case-studies from Wake up World! By looking at the stories of four children around the world, pupils are able to explore what makes up their own special… [more]


Country Profile: Brazil

Oxfam (2000)

This country profile provides a short, readable account of the social, environmental, historical, and economic background of Brazil, and then focuses on the real lives of ordinary people and the… [more]


Letters From Around the World - Brazil

Cherrytree Book (2003)

These lovely hardback books give pupils a unique insight into life in another country through letters from a child who lives there. Pupils will enjoy spotting the similarities and differences with… [more]


B is for Brazil - Global Alphabet Series


Captures the amazing diversity of life in modern Brazil by contrasting city and rainforest and the world of Brazilian children at home, at school, fishing on the river and painting in the open… [more]