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There are 4 resource(s) with 'music' theme .

Co-operative Games and Sports

Human Kenetics Europe Ltd (2006)

This how-to guide documents more than 150 games for young people that promote co-operation and self-worth. Split into sections by age group, the book clearly explains how to run each activity,… [more]


Reel Lives Sierra Leone - An interactive DVD for creative primary teachers

Music for Change (2004)

This DVD contains stories, games and music from Sierra Leone, presented by musician and story teller Usifu Jalloh. It includes two 'day in the life' stories told by children, a multiple choice… [more]


Reel Lives: Kolkata

Music for Change (2006)

This cross-curricular, interactive DVD resource uses video, music, dance and photos to explore life in Kolkata, India. Over an hour of footage covers a day in the life of two children, as well… [more]


Watoto - Children from Around the World

Trocaire (2001)

Provides a starting point for pre-school and early years educators who want to help children explore the similarities and differences between their lives and the lives of children round the world.… [more]