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There are 3 resource(s) with 'animals' theme .

Handa's Hen

Walker Books (2003)

This popular picture book tells a fun and engaging counting story, as Handa and her friend, Akeyo, go looking for Handa's grandma's black hen. While searching, the girls find two fluttery butterflies,… [more]


Handa's Surprise

Walker Books (1995)

A simple story of a young African girl is beautifully illustrated in this vibrant and colourful picture book. Handa takes seven delicious fruits to her friend in another village. On the way, different… [more]


Look Who Lives in... The Ocean

Macdonald Young Books (1999)

There's a sea of creatures afloat in this delightful ocean scene. See if you can spot them as they dive, dart and dip through the water. Somebody is watching each one - can you guess who it is? An… [more]