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There are 9 resource(s) with 'social justice' theme .

Making Sense of World Conflicts

Oxfam (2005)

As you read this there are at least 30 armed conflicts going on around the world. In today's wars, most of the casualties are civilians, and almost half of those are children. This resource explores… [more]


The Challenge of Teaching Controversial Issues

Trentham Books (2007)

This practical book is international in vision and spans preschool through to higher education. The key dilemmas and suggested approaches are relevant for teachers in all educational settings.… [more]


Your Place or Mine? (Pack on 50% discount until September 2011)

Scotdec (2002)

This resource pack uses land issues in South Africa and Scotland to explore individual and social needs, rights and responsibilities in decision making. The materials will encourage young people… [more]


Partners in Rights

Save the Children (2000)

Engaging and creative approaches to exploring children's rights and citizenship issues with children aged 7-11. A range of activity sheets, photo cards and a 'rights' poster capture the individual… [more]


Educating for Sustainability

Birmingham DEC (2002)

Produced jointly with the Gambian Environment Agency, this resource pack was written by practising teachers and combines information on sustainable development themes with case studies and lively… [more]


Europe Africa Why?

RISC (2010)

This pack challenges seven key myths about the relationship between countries in Europe and Africa. Each myth can be explored using one of the posters and the information and activities in the… [more]


The Chocolate Game (Fair Trade Edition)

Leeds DEC (1999)

A simulation game where participants role play nine families involved in different aspects of the cocoa industry in the UK, Brazil, Ghana and Belize. Players discover for themselves the influence… [more]


The Banana Pack

Banana Link (2006)

Three excellent resources giving information and ideas for work around bananas and fair trade. - The Best of the Bunch is full of information about Fairtrade bananas, and the current situation… [more]


Country Profile: Brazil

Oxfam (2000)

This country profile provides a short, readable account of the social, environmental, historical, and economic background of Brazil, and then focuses on the real lives of ordinary people and the… [more]