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There are 11 resource(s) with 'climate change' theme .

Climate Change - local and global

TIDE (2005)

We all know climate change is a looming global issue which is growing in size and significance. We also know that there are huge debates about the science involved, what it means and what we can… [more]


One Well

A and C Black (2007)

This lavishly illustrated book uses the idea of a 'global well' – from which everything on Earth sustains itself – to take an imaginative and thought provoking look at water issues, climate… [more]


The Challenge of Teaching Controversial Issues

Trentham Books (2007)

This practical book is international in vision and spans preschool through to higher education. The key dilemmas and suggested approaches are relevant for teachers in all educational settings.… [more]


The Carbon Diaries 2015


This novel looks into the not-too-distant future through the eyes of 17 year old Laura. It is 2015 and the government have placed tight restrictions on each individuals carbon consumption, through… [more]


Power Down: A Climate Change Toolkit for Primary Schools


A Cross curricular toolkit aimed at upper primary pupils, focussing on energy use at home and at school, and how this is linked to the lives of real children in Kenya, Uganda, Bangladesh and India.… [more]


Who will save us?


Children's story about effect of climate change on penguins in Antarctica. [more]


Changing My World - What difference can we make to the climate?

Geographical Association (2009)

An investigation into climate change. Focusing on key concepts of scale, place and environmental interaction, students are encouraged to link their own lives to the global implications of climate… [more]


Our World of Water

Frances Lincoln/Oxfam (2008)

This book explores the differences and similarities in how six children from Peru, Mauritanian, USA, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Tajikistan access water, use it and value it in their daily lives.… [more]


Funny Weather

Myriad Editions (2006)

Everything you didn't want to know about climate change but probably should find out. A graphic guide to global warming using cartoons that discusses: The Greenhouse Effect, gives an explanation… [more]


The World Guide 11th Edition CD-ROM

New Internationalist (2007)

A fully searchable electronic version of The World Guide 11th Edition. [more]


Stupid or not: Education for a smarter planet

ActionAid (2009)

Multimedia education resource which offers learners aged 12+ a compelling learnign experience about climate change, Featuring clips and animations for The Age of Stupid film, the pack explores… [more]