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There are 18 resource(s) with 'global citizenship' theme .

How do we know it's working? Evaluation Toolkit


The activities in this pack provide a means for teachers to measure changes in pupils knowledge, valuae and attitudes in Global Citizenship. By doing this teachers can assess how effective they… [more]


Cities and Citizenship

TIDE (2004)

Cities are soon to become home to the majority of the world's population. They are significant locally, nationally and globally. This resource gives students an opportunity to investigate different… [more]


Country Profile: Albania

Oxfam (2000)

This country profile provides a short, readable account of the social, environmental, historical, and economic background of Albania, and then focuses on the real lives of ordinary people and the… [more]


Country Profile: India

Oxfam (2004)

This country profile provides a short, readable account of the social, environmental, historical, and economic background of India, and then focuses on the real lives of ordinary people and the… [more]


Global School Guide

Leeds DEC (2005)

This practical manual for teachers provides realistic advice about how to make your school a 'Global School'. A Global School is defined as one where the global dimension is reflected in the school… [more]


Human Rights in the Curriculum: History

Amnesty International (2002)

Exciting and thought-provoking activities and lesson ideas for history teachers to look at child labour, the Holocaust and the struggle for votes for women, amongst other key issues. [more]


Sustainable Development: Environment

Channel 4 Learning (2006)

This set of two complete series of programmes – and Once Upon A Planet – provides an innovative way to teach sustainable development and global citizenship. The programmes are well… [more]


Telling Stories


Children love to listen to stories – especially when they are being told them as opposed to simply being read to. This handbook looks at introducing global citizenship in the early years through… [more]


The Chocolate Game (Fair Trade Edition)

Leeds DEC (1999)

A simulation game where participants role play nine families involved in different aspects of the cocoa industry in the UK, Brazil, Ghana and Belize. Players discover for themselves the influence… [more]


The School Council - A Children's Guide

Save the Children (2000)

An interactive and colourful step-by-step guide for children about being on a school council. Featuring children's own words, expressions, and artwork, it includes sessions on: - why have a school… [more]


Whose Citizenship? A Teacher's Toolkit

Birmingham DEC (2002)

This book offers practical ideas and starting points for enabling a global approach to 'local' citizenship investigations with ideas and activities that have been developed by teachers as part… [more]


Young Children and Global Citizenship - a teachers' handbook

TIDE (2006)

Children's experiences involve connections to places and people all over the globe. These materials draw on creative thinking and practice by Early Years teachers for supporting children's growing… [more]


Young Citizens: Around the World - Children as Active Citizens around the World

Save the Children (2002)

By focusing on the lives of five young citizens from different countries round the world, Young Citizens looks at how children are taking action in their communities. This pack will help teachers… [more]


To Begin at the Beginning

DEED (2005)

An innovative manual, which introduces young children to global citizenship in an accessible and hands-on-manner through stories, artefacts and crafts. [more]


Get Global

Save the Children- Christian Aid- ActionAid- CAFOD- Oxfam- DFID (2003)

Get Global is a video and teachers' guide on how to facilitate and assess active global citizenship in the classroom. It provides a structure for students to manage their own learning by allowing… [more]


Making Sense of World Conflicts

Oxfam (2005)

As you read this there are at least 30 armed conflicts going on around the world. In today's wars, most of the casualties are civilians, and almost half of those are children. This resource explores… [more]


India: Children's Needs; Children's Rights

UNICEF (1998)

Designed around the lives of six children in India, from diverse backgrounds and locations, whom children in the classroom are encouraged to partner, the activities in this photopack bring a rights… [more]


The Changing Face of Slavery

Anti-Slavery International (1997)

Diane Louise Jordan presents this well researched video pack which focuses on slavery past and present. The first part concentrates on the transatlantic slave trade and encourages young people… [more]