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There are 4 resource(s) with 'arms trade' theme .

Citizenship for the Future: A Practical Classroom Guide

WWF (2001)

An issue based resource, which provides practical support for teachers wishing to bring citizenship and a futures perspective into the classroom. Part 1 provides the background and theoretical… [more]


Country Profile: Albania

Oxfam (2000)

This country profile provides a short, readable account of the social, environmental, historical, and economic background of Albania, and then focuses on the real lives of ordinary people and the… [more]


Making Sense of World Conflicts

Oxfam (2005)

As you read this there are at least 30 armed conflicts going on around the world. In today's wars, most of the casualties are civilians, and almost half of those are children. This resource explores… [more]


The World Guide 11th Edition CD-ROM

New Internationalist (2007)

A fully searchable electronic version of The World Guide 11th Edition. [more]