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There are 6 resource(s) with 'gender' theme .

Country Profile: Albania

Oxfam (2000)

This country profile provides a short, readable account of the social, environmental, historical, and economic background of Albania, and then focuses on the real lives of ordinary people and the… [more]


Human Rights in the Curriculum: History

Amnesty International (2002)

Exciting and thought-provoking activities and lesson ideas for history teachers to look at child labour, the Holocaust and the struggle for votes for women, amongst other key issues. [more]


Two Lives - Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole

Bogle Press (1993)

The achievements of two Victorian heroines are brought to life by contrasting their backgrounds and contributions to society. Both women in their burning desire to be of service, overcame restrictions… [more]


Human Rights in the Curriculum: French

Amnesty International (2002)

How do you motivate students to communicate in French? Discussion of human rights is brought into the classroom through a range of activities that relate to the student's own interest and experiences.… [more]


Development Reader

Centre for Global Education- Belfast (2008)

Based on a series of seminars on global issues, this resource explores a diverse range of topics such as child labour, gender, debt, trade, HIV, migration and their impact on development. Drawing… [more]


What is Development? Teaching About Development

TIDE (2005)

This pack supports teachers in enabling students to question the different dimensions of development while exploring a variety of perspectives and the influences of interdependence. It contains… [more]