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Children Just Like Me - A unique celebration of children around the world

Dorling Kindersley (1995)

In this book we meet children from all walks of life – from tiny rural communities to busy cities, from cold, snowy lands to hot, humid tropics. We learn about their daily lives, their hopes… [more]


C is for China - Global Alphabet Series


Introduces young readers to the rich culture and natural beauty of China. A colourful variety of images illustrate not only the hubbub of street life in the cities, but also the quality of day-to-day… [more]


Small Guides to Big Issues: Cities

Oxfam/Pluto Press (2007)

Each year, tens of millions of people leave rural areas to head for 'better' lives in cities. This continuing migration can leave cities struggling to cope, and without better planning, people… [more]


I is for India - Global Alphabet Series


Captures the spirit of India in all its diversity and introduces the young reader to the rich culture of Indian life in both town and village, from traditional crafts and customs to more modern… [more]