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There are 8 resource(s) with 'ghana' theme .

A is for Ampe

Osu Childrens Library Fund (2006)

Beautifully illustrated with colour photos of rural Ghanaian life, the images in this alphabet book will engage young readers while they learn their ABC. There is a full glossary of words used… [more]


Nii Kwei's Day - From Dawn to Dusk in a Ghanaian City


One in a series of books based around wonderful photographs that concentrate on the daily lives and experiences of children from a variety of countries. Each book focus on a particular child's… [more]


Otu Goes to Sea

Osu Childrens Library fund (2007)

This unusual and charming photo-storybook narrates young Otu's fishing trip with his extended family in Ghana. Capturing the hard work and excitement of sea-fishing, Otu Goes To Sea also contains… [more]


The Chocolate Game (Fair Trade Edition)

Leeds DEC (1999)

A simulation game where participants role play nine families involved in different aspects of the cocoa industry in the UK, Brazil, Ghana and Belize. Players discover for themselves the influence… [more]



Reading International Solidarity Centre (2007)

This unique cross-curricular resource uses the Ghanaian printing tradition of Adinkra to teach primary/early years art & design, design & technology and global citizenship. A step-by-step guide… [more]


One Hen

A and C Black (2008)

A vibrantly illustrated story book, One Hen introduces readers to Kojo, a young Ghanaian boy who uses a loan to buy a chicken. It explores how the loan changed Kojo's life and the lives of others… [more]


One Little Crab

Osu Childrens Library Fund (2006)

This beautifully illustrated counting book uses vibrant images of Ghana to help young readers count from one to ten and beyond. The photographs show a variety of numbered items, some familiar and… [more]


Your World, My World

Oxfam (2001)

This new photo-pack is based on the popular case-studies from Wake up World! By looking at the stories of four children around the world, pupils are able to explore what makes up their own special… [more]