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There are 13 resource(s) with 'games' theme .

A is for Ampe

Osu Childrens Library Fund (2006)

Beautifully illustrated with colour photos of rural Ghanaian life, the images in this alphabet book will engage young readers while they learn their ABC. There is a full glossary of words used… [more]


A Multicultural Approach to PE

Human Kenetics Europe Ltd (2002)

Seventy games and activities from 24 different cultures are provided to help students to become more active physically while increasing their social awareness. The activities teach students to… [more]


Best New Games

Human Kenetics (2001)

This is a resource for anyone involved with groups, at any level and in any setting. The games create opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to have fun together and develop skills… [more]


Best of Cooperative Games DVD

New Games (2006)

This fun and highly useful DVD presents 26 group interactive games – for all ages – that are low cost or use minimal or no equipment. The games are first and foremost fun, but they also teach… [more]


Co-operative Games and Sports

Human Kenetics Europe Ltd (2006)

This how-to guide documents more than 150 games for young people that promote co-operation and self-worth. Split into sections by age group, the book clearly explains how to run each activity,… [more]


Ebele's Favourite

Frances Lincoln (2000)

A book of African games. Ebele loves games and she plays from morning to night in the village. The vivid photography and fun-packed story, together with songs and instructions for playing the games,… [more]


Growing Up Global

RISC (2006)

This new handbook is aimed at educators in an early years setting who want to bring a global dimension to their work. The book is divided into 12 sections, the first six focus on themes such as… [more]


Multicultural Games

Human Kenetics Europe Ltd (1996)

This book is a practical, easy-to-use guide to playing 75 different games from 43 countries or cultures on six continents. The games are short, can all be played with common gymnasium equipment… [more]


Parachute Games with DVD

Human Kenetics Europe Ltd (2006)

Promote team spirit and co-operation among your pupils with this step-by-step guide to parachute games and activities. The best-selling Parachute Games book has been revised and expanded to fifty… [more]


The New Parachute Games DVD

New Games (2005)

Parachute games are a fantastic way for children to learn about co-operation, self control, team work and a host of physical and social skills – whilst having enormous amounts of fun. The DVD… [more]


Games We Play

Manchester DEP (2004)

A fun and active programme to encourage intercultural understanding. This pack features ten 'street' games from around the world, with ideas on how to introduce them to children and help them… [more]


Wants and Needs


A set of cards designed to use to introduce children and young people to their rights by helping them first consider what the difference is between a WANT and a NEED. The pack contains 10 sets… [more]


Around the World - Playtime


Every child enjoys playtime and has a favourite toy or game and these pictures show children from all over the world having fun playing alone or with their friends. The photographs feature children… [more]