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There are 10 resource(s) with 'refugees' theme .

All You Need for a Refugee Assembly

Reading International Solidarity Centre (2004)

This short booklet contains material for three assemblies and three complementary lessons on refugees, to help teachers to inform and educate pupils about refugees, and to challenge myths and stereotypes.… [more]


The Colour of Home

Frances Lincoln (2002)

Hassan is a Somalian refugee, recently arrived in a cold, grey country. At school, he paints a picture of his home in Somalia in bright, sunny colours; but the harsh reds and blacks he adds reveal… [more]


Gervelie's Journey - A Refugee Diary

Frances Lincoln (2008)

The true story of Gervelie's flight from the fighting in the Republic of Congo and her family's struggle to seek asylum in Britain. [more]


Moving Here - The Refugee Experience

Sheffield Ethnic Minority Service/South Yorkshire DEC (2004)

This book contains a collection of activities on the theme of migration compiled and tested by teachers in South Yorkshire. It features: - a wealth of photocopiable material, including case studies,… [more]


Refugees: A Resource Book for 5 to 11 year olds

Refugee Council (1998)

This extensive book provides lots of activities for teaching about refugee issues in the Primary classroom. The book includes activities about identity, safety, child rights, and discrimination.… [more]


Refugees: We Left Because We Had To


A look at Britain's first refugees, the refugees of the 20th century and refugees' lives in Britain along with racism and official policy. This handbook contains teacher's notes and an introductory… [more]


Striking a Balance - Asylum Seekers and Refugees - A Balanced Argument?

Westminster City Council (2005)

Highlighting the important issue of the refugee experience, this book/CD-ROM package offers a real life context for ten hours of lessons to improve pupils' writing skills. It provides clear literacy… [more]


Village Stories

The Village Storytelling Centre (2005)

The result of a creative writing and storymaking class which involved refugees, asylum seekers and local people. [more]


Home from Home

Save the Children (2003)

With the dispersal of refugee children and their families around the country, many schools are looking at how to welcome them into the school community. This resource gives clear guidance and practical… [more]


Mohammed's Journey - A Refugee Diary

Frances Lincoln (2009)

This is the true story of a 15 year old Kurdish boy who describes his family's persecution in Iraq and their subsequent escape in the 1990's. The style is conversational with amixture of illustrated… [more]