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There are 3 resource(s) with 'inclusion' theme .

Games We Play

Manchester DEP (2004)

A fun and active programme to encourage intercultural understanding. This pack features ten 'street' games from around the world, with ideas on how to introduce them to children and help them… [more]


Rehearsing our Roles - Drama in Citizenship Education

TIDE (2002)

Created by teachers for teachers to explore some of the possibilities of using drama in citizenship education this resource includes a toolkit aimed at non-specialists which shares proven, practical… [more]


Equality in Action - A Way Forward with Persona Dolls

Trentham Books (2008)

This is an academic text which introduces the concept of Persona Dolls. It gives examples of their use in the classroom and sets out what they aim to chieve and how that fits with the curriculum.… [more]