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I am Here - Teaching about refugees, identity, inclusion and the media

Save the Children (2003)

The broad aim of this pack is to support the integration of young refugees and asylum-seekers by generating empathy and understanding among non-refugee children and young people in host communities.… [more]


Positively Global Interactive CD-ROM

Leeds DEC (2005)

This engaging interactive CD-ROM can be used in conjunction with the Positively Global booklets or independently, and gives teachers the flexibility to use the activities with the whole class or… [more]


Country Profile: Brazil

Oxfam (2000)

This country profile provides a short, readable account of the social, environmental, historical, and economic background of Brazil, and then focuses on the real lives of ordinary people and the… [more]


Learning Through Film: Human Rights in Scotland

The University of Edinburgh (2011)

This combine book and DVD makes it possible for schools, community groups and social organisations to deliver a series of 10 workshops, each based on short documentary films by Scottish artist… [more]


Positively Global - Is Globalisation Helping the World Communicate?

Leeds DEC (2005)

Looks at global communications and who owns the world's media – and the impact this has on people's lives. It examines the powerful multinationals that own the news industry and also the inequality… [more]


Positively Global - set of five

Leeds DEC (2005)

A series of booklets that explore the subjects of globalisation and global issues. Designed to stimulate discussion about the global process that affects the lives of people in Britain and the… [more]


Talking Rights: Taking Responsibility

UNICEF (2001)

A speaking and listening resource full of classroom activities linked to the Convention for Children's Rights. [more]


A Safe Place/ Islamophobia


"This is a double resource. The 'Safe Place' DVD is an updated version of the previous films. Footballers and young people from Somalia and Tanzania share their views on issues around asylum… [more]