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There are 5 resource(s) with 'diversity and inclusion' theme .

Here, There and Everywhere

Trentham Books (2004)

Aimed at teachers, this book takes a holistic approach to ensuring equality is evident in all areas of school life. It provides suggestions on every subject or curriculum area, sets of auditing… [more]


I am Here - Teaching about refugees, identity, inclusion and the media

Save the Children (2003)

The broad aim of this pack is to support the integration of young refugees and asylum-seekers by generating empathy and understanding among non-refugee children and young people in host communities.… [more]


India: Children's Needs; Children's Rights

UNICEF (1998)

Designed around the lives of six children in India, from diverse backgrounds and locations, whom children in the classroom are encouraged to partner, the activities in this photopack bring a rights… [more]


Partners in Rights

Save the Children (2000)

Engaging and creative approaches to exploring children's rights and citizenship issues with children aged 7-11. A range of activity sheets, photo cards and a 'rights' poster capture the individual… [more]


First Steps to Rights

Unicef UK (2003)

Introduces young children to the basic rights of all children and brings a global perspective to exploring these rights and the responsibilities which accompany them. It makes use of Feely bag… [more]