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There are 14 resource(s) with 'racism' theme .

Another Spanner in the Works

Trentham Books (2005)

A variety of strategies to challenge prejudice and racism in mainly white schools are evaluated and explained in this timely handbook for teachers, the follow up to the ground breaking Spanner… [more]


Creative Force

Save the Children/UK Youth (2001)

Looks at key issues around young people and violence including: verbal violence, bullying, peer pressure, sexist and racist violence, and domestic violence. Using an art- based approach, the resource… [more]


Facing History and Ourselves

Facing History and Ourselves (1994)

This powerful resource book of readings traces the origins, impacts and legacies of the Holocaust. Each section is accompanied by a series of stimulating questions designed to draw out themes and… [more]


How Do I Feel About Dealing With Racism

Franklin Watts (2001)

Illustrations, photographs, cartoon strips and easy to read text presented in an imaginative way to help young readers deal with problems of racism at home and at school. [more]


Human Rights in the Curriculum: History

Amnesty International (2002)

Exciting and thought-provoking activities and lesson ideas for history teachers to look at child labour, the Holocaust and the struggle for votes for women, amongst other key issues. [more]


Refugees: We Left Because We Had To


A look at Britain's first refugees, the refugees of the 20th century and refugees' lives in Britain along with racism and official policy. This handbook contains teacher's notes and an introductory… [more]


Toolkit for Tackling Racism in Schools

Trentham Books (2000)

The Toolkit is a user friendly and virtually fool- proof aid for schools to examine and develop their practice. [more]


Show Racism the Red Card - Scotland - Primary and Secondary version

Show Racism the Red Card

Scottish version of the anti-racism teaching pack below, familiariasing students with racism and it's causes and consequences, giving skills to challenge racism and help young people play an active… [more]


I am Here - Teaching about refugees, identity, inclusion and the media

Save the Children (2003)

The broad aim of this pack is to support the integration of young refugees and asylum-seekers by generating empathy and understanding among non-refugee children and young people in host communities.… [more]


Here, There and Everywhere

Trentham Books (2004)

Aimed at teachers, this book takes a holistic approach to ensuring equality is evident in all areas of school life. It provides suggestions on every subject or curriculum area, sets of auditing… [more]


Equality Stories

Trentham Books (2004)

This is a practical handbook for planning, staff training and professional development. It features a wealth of photocopiable material, advice on how to deliver high-quality training and case studies… [more]


A Safe Place/ Islamophobia


"This is a double resource. The 'Safe Place' DVD is an updated version of the previous films. Footballers and young people from Somalia and Tanzania share their views on issues around asylum… [more]


Martin Luther King CD-ROM


Multi function CD includes audio & text documents, including his 3 major speeches. [more]


Citizenship for the Future: A Practical Classroom Guide

WWF (2001)

An issue based resource, which provides practical support for teachers wishing to bring citizenship and a futures perspective into the classroom. Part 1 provides the background and theoretical… [more]