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There are 7 resource(s) with 'fairtrade' theme .

Fair Trade Schools Handbook

Time for change (2004)

This handbook outlines a range of ideas and strategies to help schools to teach and implement the values of Fair Trade. It makes suggestions on how to gain the support of head teachers and school… [more]


Go Bananas!

Oxfam (2004)

The journey of a banana from the Caribbean to the UK is illustrated through a sequence of colour photographs in the new edition of this popular resource. A range of activities suitable for whole… [more]


Growing Bananas

Reading International Solidarity Centre

A fun simulation game that will teach pupils about the problems faced by many of the people who produce the food we buy. Using Caribbean banana growers as a case study, the game encourages children… [more]


Just Acting

Christian Aid (2002)

How do you explain international trade rules in a way that captivates your listeners, instead of making their eyes glaze over? You do it through drama! Just Acting contains fifteen fun and thought-provoking… [more]


The Cost of Coffee

Reading International Solidarity Centre (2005)

Activities for teachers and facilitators. The coffee story is used to highlight the importance of fair trade, independent thinking, and active citizenship. This resource covers everything from… [more]


Bananas and Cocoa Beans - A basket full of fair trade activities

Reading International Solidarity Centre (2003)

Contains a selection of activities which introduce pupils to fair trade theory and practice. Includes parts on raising awareness of our global links and the negative impact these can have and introduces… [more]


Choc-a-Lot - A chocolate flavoured resource to explore the global trade in cocoa

Reading International Solidarity Centre (2004)

This useful collection of activities based on chocolate allows teachers and youth leaders to explore all aspects of the cocoa trade, from exploitation and child labour to branding and spin. It… [more]