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There are 10 resource(s) with 'sustainability' theme .

Building a Sustainable Future


If we are to prepare young people for the challenges of building a sustainable future, what sort of education will they need and what sort of teacher? In this book, the teacher training department… [more]


Educating for Sustainability

Birmingham DEC (2002)

Produced jointly with the Gambian Environment Agency, this resource pack was written by practising teachers and combines information on sustainable development themes with case studies and lively… [more]


The Challenge of Teaching Controversial Issues

Trentham Books (2007)

This practical book is international in vision and spans preschool through to higher education. The key dilemmas and suggested approaches are relevant for teachers in all educational settings.… [more]


The Real Price of Cotton

NEAD (2002)

A collection of original teaching activities that will enable students to explore the global and ethical dimensions of Business Studies and Economics through looking at the cotton producing industry.… [more]


The Sustainability Handbook for D&T Teachers


From product design to food technology, The Sustainability Handbook will inspire students to develop innovative designs that help make the world a more sustainable place. Its clear format links… [more]


Waking Up

Tide (2000)

This resource takes a few everyday items and investigates issues of sustainability for the plant materials used in them. The emphasis is on teachers and pupils as researchers, writing letters to… [more]


Young Lives Global Goals

Save the Children (2005)

Teaching about poverty, children and the UN Millennium Development Goals, this resource provides information and activities to stimulate classroom learning and discussion on global poverty. Through… [more]


Europe Africa Why?

RISC (2010)

This pack challenges seven key myths about the relationship between countries in Europe and Africa. Each myth can be explored using one of the posters and the information and activities in the… [more]


Funny Weather

Myriad Editions (2006)

Everything you didn't want to know about climate change but probably should find out. A graphic guide to global warming using cartoons that discusses: The Greenhouse Effect, gives an explanation… [more]


80:20 Development in an Unequal World (6th edition)

80:20 Educating and Acting for A Better World with UNISA Press (2012)

80:20 offers an introductory and accessible overview of key issues, debates and perspectives in human development and human rights worldwide. It explores topics such as human development, sustainability,… [more]